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Love Stories

An Unexpected Love Story

October 2019

Thanks to careful planning and loving preparation, Brenda and Waylon’s wedding was going according to plan. 

The day seemed charmed: the warm sun, the green grass, the rolling hills, and the sound of six beautiful bridesmaids chatting and laughing as they dress in jade green dresses and cowboy boots to be ready on time (okay, almost on time)... the moments full of meaning and emotion, like the pride and love in Brenda's father's eyes as he gazed at his only daughter and the intense first look when the groom was in tears as he and his bride met eyes... and the beautiful ceremony in which Brenda and Waylon were forever joined together by the lazos. 

After the ceremony, the joyous couple made their grand entrance to join their guests in a delectable meal. With the guests and bridal party full and happy, it was time for the father-daughter dance - but the father IS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND! 

Now, the property is quite large and it's possible he’d just gone to put something in his car, so we waited a bit. The bride hid her concern and disappointment, but she must have been thinking, as we were: 

Where the heck is this man?

This is the father that was in tears too when he saw his stunning daughter for the first time in her wedding gown. His devotion to his daughter was clear, so why would he take off and miss this special moment with her?

The wedding one needed to know, so on went the cake cutting, then the garter and bouquet toss. Guests enjoyed decadent desserts, the drinks keep flowing, and laughter filled the air, none of the guests aware that the father of the bride had disappeared.

With the father still missing and before the night coming to a close, the photographer prepared to leave when the music changed and became a bit louder. Guests stopped talking and looked to see what was going on...

in came the father, riding on a beautiful, silver prancing horse!

He’s HERE!

All he'd wanted to do was surprise his daughter on her wedding day the best way he could. Brenda grew up training and working with horses with her dad. To show her his love for her and the mutual love they both have for horses, he'd arranged to take the horse to a nearby location, hidden away until he could have it brought in, hidden by the darkness of the night so that he could surprise his daughter on her special day.

What a show! But that wasn't the only surprise of the night. 

To the shock and delight of everyone attending the wedding Brenda, an experienced rider, got on the horse herself - in her formal wedding gown!!! Picture the bride in her formal attire and cowboy boots riding a dancing horse and putting on a show!

Coolest bride ever! 

AND what an amazing way to end a wedding. The bond of love between the father and daughter on her wedding day was felt by everyone and it was clear that Brenda has two men in her life who love her very much.


At Rancho de Amor, you will have the wedding of your dreams.

We want your wedding to be a unique reflection of your heritage, personality, and the passions you have and share with the people who mean the most to you. 

What will make your wedding memorable to you and how can we help you create your dream wedding?  Email or call to find out!


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