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Love Stories

Rancho de Amor Inception

June 2017

Count them...

Not one...

Not two...

Not even three... but six mishaps before owners of Rancho de Amor, Theresa and Billy could even transform into bride and groom.

The first setback began hours before the wedding when Billy tried to start the lawnmower... that well... wouldn't start. Moving forward... the weed whacker pull cord detached. The stunning wreath he constructed began to bow and bust while being decorated. The wind tried desperately to escape with the tent.

And on and on...

Needless to say, it was a beautiful Southern California day filled with sentiment and love. The guests were greeted with smiles and cocktails (no need to wait till after the ceremony to socialize and have fun!).

During the ceremony, Theresa had her bouquet created by family members as she made her way toward Billy. Each family member handed her a rose (& a hug), producing a bouquet with more significance than other bridal bouquets.

Guests filled their bellies with appetizing food prepared by Alfaro Catering and danced the night away!!!

Of course one last hiccup...

The well began to overflow!?!?

And since shutting off the water to the entire house and property wasn't really an option. Billy just removed the fuse (which is the size of the first cell phone ever invented) and kept it in his tuxedo pants pocket during the couple's first dance.

Multi-tasker yes! Problem solver yes!

While all these things are happening Billy is laughing...Theresa is laughing... smiles everywhere. Who wouldn't hire a venue where you know, no matter what happens, it will be handled, PERIOD. In fact, you won't even know it's happening. Your event will be exactly how you designed it. Uniquely yours with the help of Theresa and Billy, there is nothing they can't do!

Only dedicated, passionate, flexible, and fun people begin an exciting new venture where they are the first to experience the magic of being wed at Rancho de Amor!